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Back The Dragons

and Celebrate 50 years of ice hockey in Deeside!

Jersey Sponsorship

Get your company logo on the arm's Shoulder or Back of the Dragons 2024/25 Jerseys

Rink Board Ads

Get your brand in front of 1000's of people every month and during match nights

Player Sponsorship

Sponsor a Dragons player for the season.

Score board adverts

Get you 30 second adverts seen on the digital score board Pre game & between periods

We have even more sponsorship offers

Empower Your Business and Enrich Our Community – Partner with the Deeside Dragons

Unlock the potential of your business while making a significant impact on the local sports scene by sponsoring the Deeside Dragons.

Tailored to meet your specific business objectives, our sponsorship packages are designed not just for visibility, but to align with your brand’s values of community support and passion for sports.

As a not-for-profit entity, the Deeside Dragons thrive through the dedication of our entirely volunteer-driven team. Sponsorship directly contributes to covering essential expenses such as top-notch equipment, safety gear, and insurance for our volunteer players, ensuring that they perform in the safest conditions possible.

More than a sports team, we are a community beacon, striving to make ice hockey accessible to everyone. Your sponsorship helps us combat rising operational costs and keeps the spirit of ice hockey alive in Deeside, allowing us to offer affordable access to this exhilarating sport.

Join us in our mission to nurture talent, promote inclusivity, and celebrate the spirit of ice hockey. Let’s collaborate to create a sponsorship experience that benefits your business while fostering a vibrant sports culture in our community.

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