50 Reasons to sponsor the Dragons

celebrating 50 years of ice hockey in Deeside

As the Deeside Dragons embark on their journey into the 2024/25 season, we also mark a significant milestone: 50 years since the inception of ice hockey and the Deeside Dragons in 1974. This half-century journey symbolises the enduring passion and dedication of our club and its supporters.

Despite facing challenges, including the loss of our rink during the vaccination period, the Dragons have persevered, now entering their third season back in the NIHL Division One North. Our commitment to excellence and resilience in the face of adversity continues to drive us forward, as we strive to surpass our competitors in the division.

As a club run entirely by volunteers, our progress and success would not have been possible without the unwavering support of our loyal fans and sponsors. As we embark on this historic 50th year, we invite local businesses to join us in this celebration and become a vital part of our journey.

Sponsoring the Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons offers businesses a unique opportunity to align themselves with a storied legacy and a community-driven organization. Here are 50 compelling reasons why partnering with us is a strategic move for any business:

  1. Celebrate 50 years of ice hockey history in Deeside.
  2. Connect your brand with a passionate local and regional community.
  3. Gain extensive exposure through jersey sponsorship.
  4. Feature on rink boards visible during all games and public skate sessions.
  5. Have your brand displayed on the scoreboard for high visibility.
  6. Sponsor individual players and link your brand directly with stars of the game.
  7. Utilise large jumbo advert banners around the rink for maximum exposure.
  8. Be part of commemorative events celebrating the club’s 50th anniversary.
  9. Support youth development and community sports initiatives.
  10. Engage with fans through social media shoutouts and promotions.
  11. Receive recognition on the Deeside Dragons’ official website.
  12. Enjoy in-game announcements and promotions.
  13. Participate in co-branded content creation, including videos and interviews.
  14. Gain access to exclusive networking events with the club and its partners.
  15. Avail of VIP tickets and hospitality packages for games.
  16. Opportunities for product placement and promotions at events.
  17. First option on renewing sponsorship, securing long-term visibility.
  18. Influence and support community and charitable initiatives.
  19. Leverage the club’s media coverage for broader brand exposure.
  20. Customised marketing opportunities tailored to your brand’s needs.
  21. Exclusive meet-and-greet events with players and coaching staff.
  22. Invitations to private club events, offering unique networking opportunities.
  23. Feature in email newsletters sent to fans and supporters.
  24. Promote your brand through digital matchday programmes.
  25. Receive a bespoke sponsorship plaque commemorating your support.
  26. Opportunity for strategic brand positioning within the sports and local community.
  27. Enhance your corporate social responsibility profile by supporting a community-focused club.
  28. Access to team and fan demographics for targeted marketing.
  29. Opportunities for behind-the-scenes access for you and your guests.
  30. Rights to use the Deeside Dragons logo and imagery in your marketing.
  31. Autographed merchandise for promotions or charity auctions.
  32. Invitations to annual sponsor appreciation events.
  33. Opportunity to sponsor specific matches or events for targeted exposure.
  34. Product sampling and promotional booths at games and events.
  35. Co-branded merchandise opportunities for sale.
  36. Mention in all press releases related to the club.
  37. Sponsorship mentioned in match highlights and replay videos.
  38. Dedicated social media campaigns focusing on sponsors.
  39. Opportunity to feature in podcast mentions or interviews.
  40. Access to player endorsements and appearances.
  41. Custom digital content like wallpapers and calendars featuring the team.
  42. Opportunities for B2B networking with other sponsors and business partners.
  43. Customised experiences for clients or employees, like hockey workshops.
  44. Season-long recognition in promotional materials.
  45. Exclusive matchday sponsorship opportunities with additional benefits.
  46. Direct engagement with fans through interactive games and contests.
  47. Recognition in the fan zone area during game days.
  48. Dedicated day or events celebrating the sponsorship and partnership.
  49. Tailored hospitality and entertainment options for sponsors at games.
  50. Priority access to new sponsorship opportunities and club developments.

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