New Sponsor for The Dragons

I-Kew analysis

The Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons are elated to announce I-Kew as a new Sponsor partner with the club.

In the world of sports, every decision counts, and having the right data is paramount. Our new sponsors at i-Kew, understand the diverse needs of sports clubs across the spectrum – from grassroots teams to elite professionals.

For Grassroots Clubs:

I-kew insights can guide you in nurturing talent, improving training methods, and understanding your team’s potential. Begin your journey to success with data-backed strategies.

For Semi-Professional Teams:

 i-Kew can elevate your game with detailed analysis, you can pinpoint areas for improvement, optimise player performance, and plan tactics that counter your opponent’s effectively.

For Elite Professionals:

i-kew can help you Stay ahead of the competition. Dive deep into advanced metrics, player analytics, and tactical breakdowns that give you the edge in those crucial moments.

I-kew’s dedicated team of experts continuously updates their database, ensuring you have the latest and most accurate information. This commitment not only makes i-kew a reliable source but also an indispensable tool for teams aspiring to climb the ladder of success.

Mikey Rowe, volunteer marketing manager for the Deeside Dragons ice hockey club, I’m genuinely moved by I-kew’s decision to sponsor our passionate team. Their invaluable support demonstrates a shared belief in our potential and dedication to the game. I wholeheartedly thank I-kew for believing in our vision and aiding our journey towards excellence. The bond we’re forging today with I-kew is more than just sponsorship; it’s a partnership for a brighter, competitive future.

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