Own & Loan 23-24

Support the Dragons, Own a Piece of History
#27 Oliver BoothMG1 Elite PerformanceODoherty FamilyGeorgie Booth
#39 Matthew Croyle Scott RobertsEleanorHarmony Roberts
#94 Jace GledhillNola Restaurant, YorkThomas Telford SchoolRustique Restaurant  York
#18 Ryan Broster-JonesVicky MartinAdam YoungLORD BURKE
#61 Jared DickinsonKatie EnnisAmber RobertsTommy Saville
#85 Oliver HowellsFirst Aid Training GBAndy & LisaLiv White
#72 Chris JonesChris, Soph & Alys Housecroft Harrison & Riley JonesLarn Davies
#91 Marc LovellLucas & Logan LovellWayne BeechStuart Dawson
#81 Louis Morgan Ellie BakerWalledge
#11 Billy PerksBecky Clarkson
#13 Matthew WainwrightEmma RixhamKelly Marie CorbettWayne McFadden
#33 M.J. Clancy liam chaplinMatt and AlfieClancy's Goalie Clinic
#9 Gary DixonKatie LouMark AshtonAngie Howitt
#78 Brodie JessonSimon AshtonSimon AshtonBearilla
#55 Ross KennedyCaitlin ChambersKelly Marie CorbettKennedy Rose
#29 Andy McKinneyChris & Jo JonesJakob ForsterJoe & Isla Chadwick
#7 Alex ParryKing Voodoo Daniel RobertsIndie Beaux
#5 James ParsonsBexKAGSElla, Olivia & Amy Parsons
#15 James ShawStephen HillEllen Bryce
#4 Charlie SpridgeonDan PreeceCat Hurst
#79 Petr ValusiakDi KittsKelly RobertsDaniel Hood
#8 Cade KingJessIzzie LitwinDaryl Gilbert
#12 Jakub HájekPaul S
#58 Rhys HowellsAndy & Lisa

Making the difference

Welcome to the Own & Loan initiative for the 23/24 season, a tradition where the love for the Deeside Dragons and the passion of our fans come together to fuel the future of the club.

How Does Own & Loan Work?

It’s simple. You, our dedicated fan, get the opportunity to purchase your favorite Dragon player’s jersey at the beginning of the season. While the players wear these jerseys with pride on the ice, you cheer them on, knowing that a piece of that action will be yours to cherish. As the season wraps up, that very same match-worn jersey – filled with memories, triumphs, and the spirit of the game – is handed over to you. It’s more than just fabric; it’s a tangible piece of the Dragons’ legacy from the season, and it’s yours to keep forever.

Why is Own & Loan Important?

The Deeside Dragons have always thrived because of our community. Every goal scored, every match won, is a collective effort – players on the ice and fans in the stands. The Own & Loan initiative is another beautiful representation of this bond. Here’s why it holds paramount importance:

Financial Fuel: The proceeds from the Own & Loan initiative directly contribute to the club’s operational costs. This means that every jersey you buy helps us keep the Dragons roaring on the ice.

Building Legacy: By owning a piece of the season, you’re contributing to the legacy of the Deeside Dragons. The jersey you receive will be a timeless memento of the 23/24 season and the part you played in it.

100% Community Spirit: Last season, we achieved a 100% jersey sale, showcasing the unparalleled support of our fan-base. We aim to repeat this feat, proving once again the unbreakable bond between the Dragons and our fans.

Let’s Make It 100% Again!

To the fans who have been with us through thick and thin, and to the new ones just discovering the thrill of the game, we invite you to be a part of the Own & Loan initiative this season. Let’s come together to support our beloved Dragons and aim for that 100% jersey sale once more!

Whether you’re gifting it to someone special or keeping it as a collector’s item, these jerseys represent the heart and soul of the Deeside Dragons. Own a jersey, loan your support, and let’s create history together in the 23/24 season.