Innov8 Backs Dragons

Innov8 sponsor the Dragons for 2024/25 season

Sponsorship Secured for Another Season

The Deeside Dragons are thrilled to announce that Innov8 will continue their sponsorship, providing essential support for the upcoming season. Innov8’s branding will be prominently displayed on our rink boards and their logo will feature on our 2024/25 jerseys, showcasing their strong commitment to our team. This partnership renewal marks another year of strong backing from Innov8, a company known for its commitment to community and excellence in various sectors.

Club General Manager Shaun Bebbington expressed his gratitude for Innov8’s unwavering support. “We are incredibly grateful to Innov8 for sticking with us and backing the Deeside Dragons for another season. Their sponsorship is crucial to our success, allowing us to focus on our performance and community engagement. It’s partnerships like these that help us thrive both on and off the ice.”

Innov8 provides market-leading mobile and field sales or route accounting software solutions to many businesses across the UK. These solutions enable route representatives to quickly take stock of merchandise, replenish goods, optimise shelf space, and ensure retailers never run low on best-selling products. Innov8’s software captures key data such as the cost of sales transactions for mobile warehouses—typically trucks or vans operating as direct store distributors—as well as delivery confirmation and much more. This technology ensures efficient operations and seamless service delivery for their clients.

Innov8, a leader in sectors such as warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, retail, and mobile sales, has been a steadfast supporter of local initiatives. Their continued sponsorship underscores their dedication to fostering community spirit and supporting local sports teams.

For more information about Innov8 and their services, you can visit their website:

With Innov8’s continued backing, the Deeside Dragons are poised for another successful season. The club looks forward to achieving great heights with the support of such a dedicated sponsor.

Want to sponsor the Dragons? email BeMore@DragonsIHC for more information

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