Dragons Partner with Blood Bikes

Supporting Vital Volunteer Services

The Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons are thrilled to announce that Blood Bikes Wales will be their charity partner for the 2024/25 season. Blood Bikes Wales is an incredible organisation that provides vital medical transport services throughout Wales, entirely run by dedicated volunteers.

Shaun Bebbington, the General Manager of the Deeside Dragons, expressed his excitement about the partnership: “We are delighted to support Blood Bikes Wales, a charity that shares our core value of volunteerism. Just like the Dragons, Blood Bikes Wales relies on the selfless dedication of volunteers to operate. We look forward to not only raising funds but also increasing awareness about the critical services they provide. This partnership is a perfect alignment of two organisations committed to making a positive impact in our community.”

Blood Bikes Wales operates through the tireless efforts of volunteers who ensure that essential medical supplies and blood are delivered to hospitals and medical facilities swiftly. Their service is invaluable, often being the difference between life and death for patients in urgent need of medical supplies. The organisation covers the entire country, ensuring that no matter where the need arises, Blood Bikes Wales is ready to respond.

The Dragons are eager to contribute to this noble cause and encourage their fans to join them in supporting Blood Bikes Wales. Throughout the season, the Dragons will be hosting various fundraising events and activities to support Blood Bikes Wales. These events will not only help raise much-needed funds but also bring the community together in support of a common cause.

In addition to fundraising, the Deeside Dragons will use their platform to raise awareness about the essential services provided by Blood Bikes Wales. By sharing stories, updates, and information about the charity’s work, the Dragons hope to inspire more people to get involved, either by volunteering or donating.

Shaun Bebbington added, “Our club has always been about more than just hockey. We believe in giving back to the community and supporting causes that make a real difference. Blood Bikes Wales is a perfect example of this, and we are proud to stand with them. Our players, staff, and fans are all excited about this partnership, and we can’t wait to see the positive impact we can make together.”

The partnership with Blood Bikes Wales is a testament to the Dragons’ commitment to their community and their dedication to supporting organisations that rely on volunteer efforts. Both the Dragons and Blood Bikes Wales exemplify the power of community spirit and volunteerism.

Together, the Deeside Dragons and Blood Bikes Wales hope to make a significant difference by raising much-needed funds and spreading the word about the invaluable services provided by Blood Bikes Wales. The Dragons encourage all their fans and the broader community to join them in supporting this fantastic charity.

For more information about Blood Bikes Wales and how you can support this fantastic charity, please visit Blood Bikes Wales.

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