The Aspray Chester 2023/24 Roster

Gear up, Dragon fans! We’re excited to present your Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons line-up for the fast-approaching 2023/24 season! They are all set to light up the Den and make us proud. Each game, each minute, and each second will be a thrilling adventure, filled with unexpected twists and turns that’ll keep your hearts racing.

We can’t do this alone though. We need you, our loyal fans, to turn the Den into an impenetrable fortress of roaring support. The energy you bring is our team’s lifeline – so let’s get loud and proud this season!

And this year, we have a special announcement! You now have the chance to sponsor your favourite Dragon! It’s a unique opportunity to support your favourite player, contributing directly to their success.

Let’s stand together, back our players, and fill the Den with unyielding passion and excitement. Your Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons are ready for a thrilling season – are you?

Net Minders


#11 Billy Perks

#85 Ollie Howells

#18 Ryan Broster-Jones

#72 Chris Jones

#81 Louis Morgan


#15 James Shaw

#4 Charlie Spridgeon

#9 Gary Dixon

#85 Ollie Howells