Trustland Ltd: A New Proud Sponsor of Dragons’ #7 Alex Parry

We have exciting news to share for all Deeside Dragons and ice hockey enthusiasts! Trustland Ltd has recently come on board as a sponsor for our very own #7, Alex Parry, fondly known as ‘Pazza’ amongst fans. This partnership signifies a commitment to local talent and the sport we all love so dearly.

Who Is Trustland Ltd?

Trustland Ltd is a reputable company with over 40 years of experience in the construction industry. Specialising in design, build and refurbishment services, Trustland is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality on a variety of projects, ranging from retail and commercial to industrial sectors. Their impressive portfolio showcases a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and innovative solutions, making them a standout in their field.

Why Trustland Ltd and Deeside Dragons?

Sponsorships like this are crucial for the Deeside Dragons Ice Hockey Club, which operates as a non-profit and relies heavily on volunteer work. The support from Trustland Ltd helps us maintain the club’s operations, ensuring that talented players like Alex Parry continue to have the resources and platform to excel.

Trustland Ltd’s sponsorship aligns well with their ethos of community engagement and excellence in all endeavours. Their investment into local sports not only underscores their commitment to the local community but also reflects a dedication to promoting healthy, active lifestyles.

What Does This Mean for Alex Parry and Deeside Dragons?

Alex Parry, or ‘Pazza’ as we affectionately call him, has showcased exceptional skills on the ice, making him a key player for the Deeside Dragons. This sponsorship will provide him with the resources to further enhance his game, thereby elevating the overall team performance. The entire club, as well as our passionate fans, look forward to a successful season ahead, made all the more promising thanks to the support from Trustland Ltd.

As we celebrate this new partnership, we extend our warmest thanks to Trustland Ltd for their generous sponsorship. We are thrilled about the positive impact this will have on Alex Parry and the entire Deeside Dragons team. Let’s make this season one to remember!

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