TDC Cooling services sponsor Jared Dickinson

The Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons #61 Jared Dickinson has been kindly sponsored by TDC Cooling Services.

Exciting news has hit the ice hockey community in Deeside! The Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons are delighted to announce their new sponsorship partnership with TDC Cooling Services for player #61, Jared Dickinson.

This collaboration exemplifies the strong support from local businesses for our beloved Deeside Dragons. TDC Cooling Services has stepped up as a generous sponsor, strengthening the connection between the team and the community.

Jared Dickinson, renowned for his exceptional on-ice skills, is now backed by TDC Cooling Services. His talent aligns seamlessly with TDC Cooling Services’ pursuit of excellence, making this partnership a promising one.

“This sponsorship demonstrates the unity within our community club,” commented a spokesperson for the Deeside Dragons. “It’s a testament to the strong support we receive.”

As we anticipate another thrilling season, we extend our sincere gratitude to TDC Cooling Services for their generous sponsorship. Together, we look forward to witnessing Jared Dickinson and the Deeside Dragons achieve new heights on the ice.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from The Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons, and don’t forget to follow our progress as we bring you the latest news from the world of ice hockey.

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