Dragons Roar: 6-0 Win

For those who were elsewhere and missed the Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons performance of the Sheffield Scimitars, here’s a detailed account that’ll make you wish you were there, glued to your seats for every heart-stopping moment.

Period 1: Dragons Hit the Ice with Fire in Their Bellies

From the word “go,” our Deeside Dragons looked hungry, raring to leave a lasting impression especially after Sheffield’s narrow miss against Blackburn last weekend. Just 4 minutes and 6 seconds in, the Dragons’ arena exploded in euphoria. Ross Kennedy, assisted by Andy McKinney and Alex Parry, unleashed a laser-like shot that found the back of the net. The crowd went wild; it was as if we’d already won.

As if that wasn’t enough, the excitement was ratcheted up another notch at 7:02. Alex Parry seemed to appear from nowhere, picking up a deflected puck behind the net and making a smooth wrap-around to double the lead.

And folks, the first period had more. Ross Kennedy, already a goal to his name, delivered a slap shot at 9:18 that was pure art. Even facing a challenge from three Sheffield players, Andy McKinney found an opening to set up Kennedy for the goal. This wasn’t just hockey; this was poetry in motion. In terms of penalties, it was a fairly disciplined affair, with only a couple of minor infringements adding some spice to the proceedings.

Period 2: No Let-up as Dragons Continue to Dominate

The Dragons didn’t waste any time at the start of the second period. Just 2 minutes and 21 seconds in, Brodie Jesson unleashed a thunderous slap shot that sent the Sheffield goal tender searching for answers. The Dragons were relentless, preventing Sheffield from even breathing in their defensive zone.

But, ah, the drama thickened. Our lads let their guard down a little, racking up three consecutive 2-minute penalties. Was this the opening Sheffield needed? Nope, not even close. Our defence stood tall, maintaining the clean sheet.

And then came THE goal of the night. Picture this: Alex Parry, already a goal up, executed a cheeky yet brilliant move that seemed to defy physics. It was as if time stood still as he flicked the puck up and gently tapped it into the net. This wasn’t just another goal; this was a statement.

Period 3: Dragons Show Their Mettle Despite Penalties

The third period was laden with penalty calls, five against the Dragons to be exact. You might think this would hamper the flow, but nope! Each time, the penalty kill units did their job, not allowing Sheffield an inch.

And at 51:26, any doubts about the outcome were completely shattered. Jared Dickinson delivered a sniper shot, perfectly aimed over the Sheffield goal tender’s left shoulder, to make it a resounding 6-0. This goal was more than just a number; it was the exclamation point on a dominant performance.

Towards the end, young netminder Jace Gledhill was thrown into the mix, a nod to the future and a perfect ending to an almost perfect night.

Key Statistics:

  • Total shots on goal: Dragons 46 – 18 Scimitars
  • MVP: Alex Parry
#7 Alex Parry puck lift

#7 Alex Parry taps the puck over the Sheffield Keeper

There you have it – every goal, every penalty, and every jaw-dropping moment that made up this game. . For those who couldn’t witness this live, let’s just say, you’ll want to book your tickets early for the next one.

Don’t miss out on more pulsating action. Stay tuned for further updates, analysis, and coverage of what promises to be an enthralling season ahead!

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