Broster-Jones Is Back!

The Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons are excited to announce the return of defenceman Ryan Broster-Jones for the 23-24 season!

Ryan joined halfway through last season when the Dragons were shortbenched and immediately made an impact on the back end as a stay at home defenceman. He’s been at Deeside since 2012, and after taking some time out due to the COVID-19 stoppage, he’s back and ready to play a full season for the Dragons!

“Happy to have been asked back for the coming season after only playing half a season last year, it will be good to get a full season back under my belt after a spell away from the game. It was an amazing atmosphere in the Den last year that continued to grow week on week it will be good to give the fans a full season and hope they continue to be as loud as they were last year. I’m looking forward and glad to be part of the plans and getting to work for the upcoming season a lot fitter and raring to contribute to the teams successes.” Ryan Broster-Jones

“Ryan is a classic stay at home defenceman who you rarely notice out on the ice, because he’s doing his job. Great guy to have around the changing room and is now very much a senior player within our group. Expecting Ryan to keep our ship steady at the back and become a mentor to our younger D core. Teaching them to be puck moving, steady and simple D-Men.” Assistant Captain Andy McKinney

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