#29 Andy McKinney

NIHL North Div 1 23/24

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Returning to the rink for his second consecutive season with the Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons, Andy McKinney has proven himself to be a player of profound impact and a favourite amongst fans. Known for his athletic prowess and dynamic style of play, McKinney ended last season with an impressive record of 15 goals and 32 assists in only 25 games, an achievement that has solidified his spot in the team’s offensive lineup. His ability to create plays and find the back of the net has made him a cornerstone of the Dragons’ attack.

Prior to his homecoming to the Dragons, McKinney showcased his talents at other clubs such as the Telford Tigers, Manchester Phoenix, and Guildford Flames. His wide-ranging experience across different teams has honed his hockey skills and offered a breadth of understanding of the game’s nuances, bringing a unique perspective to the Dragons. His leadership, both on and off the ice, serves as an inspiration for his teammates, fostering a strong camaraderie within the team.

Having grown up in the area, McKinney’s return to the Dragons was a sort of homecoming, but it also embodies the team’s ethos: “Once a Dragon, Always a Dragon”. This phrase encapsulates the sentiment of the club and its loyal fanbase. It signifies the enduring connection between the team and its players, even when their professional paths may diverge. It reflects the Dragons’ commitment to building a community around the sport, a family that sticks together, through victories and losses.

Andy McKinney’s career, his journey away and back to the Dragons, serves as a tangible representation of this ethos. His decision to return to the Dragons was not just a professional choice, but a heartfelt reunion with a community that helped shape his career. The Dragons welcomed him back with open arms, reflecting the resilience of the bonds formed within this community. As McKinney laces up for another season with the Dragons, he carries with him the weight and honour of this ethos, knowing that he is not just playing for a team, but also for a community that regards him as their own.

Whether it’s his exceptional record, his leadership, or his commitment to the Dragons’ ethos, McKinney represents what it means to be a Dragon. His performance in the upcoming season is eagerly anticipated, as fans and fellow players alike look forward to another exceptional demonstration of his hockey talent and Dragon spirit.

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