Wild 1 – 6 Dragons

The Deeside Dragons had an excellent weekend on the road, securing two crucial victories against the Blackburn Hawks and Widnes Wild, respectively. The Dragons’ impressive performances saw them collect a perfect four points from the two fixtures, further strengthening their position in the league standings.

In the first period, the Deeside Dragons showed their intention to control the game from the very start. Despite conceding 15 shots on goal from the Widnes Wild, the Dragons were able to capitalise on their own opportunities, scoring two goals in the period.

The first goal came at 7:42 from #61 Jared Dickinson, assisted by #79 Petr Valusiak and #91 Marc Lovell. This early goal put the Dragons ahead and set the tone for the period. The Widnes Wild tried to respond but found it difficult to break through the Dragons’ defence.

The Dragons added a second goal at 11:36, with #55 Ross Kennedy scoring his first of the night, assisted by #29 Andy McKinney and #13 Matt Wainwright. This goal was a testament to the Dragons’ offensive capabilities, as they were able to convert their chances and extend their lead.

Despite conceding a penalty late in the period, the Dragons maintained their control of the game, limiting the Widnes Wild to just 13 shots on goal. The Dragons’ solid defensive play and ability to convert their chances made it clear that they were determined to take control of the game and dominate their opponents.

In the second period, the Deeside Dragons continued to control the game with two more goals. The first came at 21:07 from #61 Jared Dickinson, who scored his second of the night with assists from #5 James Parsons and #79 Petr Valusiak. This goal was a clear indication that the Dragons had no intention of easing up and were determined to extend their lead.

The Dragons’ domination continued as they added a third goal at 28:06, with #55 Ross Kennedy scoring his second of the night, assisted by #7 Alex Parry and #29 Andy McKinney. Despite their best efforts, the Widnes Wild struggled to match the Dragons’ intensity and were unable to break through their defence.

Although the Widnes Wild did manage to get some shots on goal in the second period, with 12 shots compared to the Dragons’ 14, the Deeside team’s resilience and control of the game ensured they maintained their lead. The Dragons’ focus on maintaining possession and playing as a cohesive unit was evident throughout the period, which enabled them to keep their opponents at bay and maintain their momentum.

In the third period, Widnes came out with a renewed sense of urgency and determination to try and get back into the game. Wild finally break through the Dragons’ defence, with the clock at 48:38 with Joey Coulter scoring their first goal on a 5-on-3 power play, assisted by Joe Greaves and Nathan Britton. However, Deeside refused to let Widnes build any momentum and quickly responded with a goal at 53:10 Ross Kennedy scored his third goal of the game, assisted by Andy McKinney and Alex Parry. Just over a minute later, Deeside added another goal at 54:14 when Mike Clancy found the back of the net, assisted by Petr Valusiak and James Parsons, putting the game to bed.

The Wild fought hard, registering 13 shots on goal in the third period, but were unable to make a comeback thanks to the impressive performance of Matt Croyle who picked up his 2nd MVP of the weekend. Matt faced a total of 72 shots on goal over the weekend with the single 5 on 3 power play goal getting past the Dragon’s Netminder.

MVP of the weekend Deeside Dragons #39 Matt Croyle

The Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons would like to express our gratitude to YKK Widnes Wild for their thoughtful gesture towards Josh and his family. During the Saturday night game against Nottingham Lions, Widnes Wild held a collection for Josh, a cause that Deeside Dragons hold dear to their hearts. The support shown by Widnes Wild and their fans will undoubtedly help Josh and his family during this difficult time. Deeside Dragons appreciate the compassion and generosity of the Widnes Wild community.

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