The Dragons’ Remarkable Comeback

Featured blog image depicting the Deeside Dragons' successful comeback after over 2 years off the ice

How the Club Rebounded Stronger After Over 3 Years Off the Ice

In our blog series examining the Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons’ triumphant first season back on the ice after a three-year hiatus, we delve into the club’s inspiring journey, highlighting its remarkable growth and transformation. In this instalment, we’ll discuss how the Dragons have gone from strength to strength since their return, attracting an increasingly loyal fan base and offering exciting opportunities for businesses seeking to support a local team and boost their brand.

Join us as we celebrate the Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons’ incredible comeback story and uncover the secrets behind their newfound success.

Discover how the Dragons have soared to new heights, attracting businesses and boosting attendance at their matches, following their long-awaited return to their home arena.

The Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons have made an incredible comeback after over two and a half years without playing hockey. Their triumphant return to the ice in October 2023, and their first home match in December 2023, have seen home attendance skyrocket by over 50%. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons behind the Dragons’ remarkable growth and discuss how this volunteer-run, not-for-profit club is attractive for businesses seeking to support a local team and boost their brand.

The Long Gap:

The Dragons’ last match of the 2020 season took place in March 2020, and they could not play any hockey until October 2023. Their first home match in December 2023 marked the end of a challenging period for the club. During this time, the Dragons’ ice arena was repurposed as a vaccination centre, preventing them from hosting home matches.

The Return

When the Dragons finally returned to the ice in October 2023, they were greeted by a fan base that had grown exponentially during their absence. Their first home match in December 2023 saw a remarkable increase in attendance, with over 50% more fans present than before the hiatus. This surge in popularity is a testament to the dedication and resilience of the players, coaches, and volunteers who kept the club alive and not forgotten during challenging times.

This impressive growth in attendance can be attributed to several factors, including the Dragons’ unwavering commitment to the sport, their adaptability during the pandemic, and their ability to engage with fans via social media and other digital platforms.

Future Growth and Opportunities for Businesses

The Dragons’ management is optimistic about the future and expects the number of fans per match to increase by another 20-25% next season. This surge in popularity presents an excellent opportunity for businesses looking to boost their product brand and support a not-for-profit volunteer-run club.

Deeside Dragons' Ross Kennedy checking a Blackburn Hawks player at a packed Den
Ross Kennedy of the Deeside Dragons in action against the Blackburn Hawks during a thrilling match at the fully occupied Den.

By partnering with the Dragons, businesses can benefit from increased exposure to a growing, loyal fan base and demonstrate their commitment to the local community. As a not-for-profit club, the Dragons rely on the support of local businesses to continue their development, making it a mutually beneficial relationship.

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Join the Deeside Dragons’ family as a sponsor for the 2023/24 season and make a difference! #BeMoreDragon

The Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons’ comeback story is truly inspiring. The club has managed to grow their fan base and attract the attention of businesses, making them an attractive proposition for those looking to support a local team and boost their brand. As the Dragons continue to soar to new heights, their future looks brighter than ever. With their unwavering determination and the support of their dedicated fan base, there’s no doubt that the Dragons will continue to make their mark in the world of hockey.

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