Reece to Deeside

The Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons are happy to announce the signing of Reece Cairney-Witter for the 22-23 season! Reece most recently played for the Blackburn Hawks in the 21-22 season, where he recorded 5 goals in 15 games.

“I’d like to thank Mike for the opportunity to play down at Deeside for this upcoming season im looking forward to playing with a lot of the guys I played with last year and also meeting some of the other guys I’ve played against in the past the roster Mike is putting together looks really strong and I think we will shock a lot of teams I can’t wait to get going at the Den and look forward to skating out in front of the dragons fans very soon I’ve played in this league for 10 years now so most people will know what to expect with me but I am concentrating on playing as much as I can to help the team and will stick up for my teammates if ever needed!” Reece Cairney-Witter

“Reece won’t need any introductions to the fanbase at Deeside as an intimidating figure that has been around the game at NIHL 1 for some time. Reece will add real depth to the group, he reads the game well, has an accurate pass and can pose a goal threat from both the blue line and in front of the net. Reece is a real no-nonsense player that puts it all on the line, I’m looking forward to watching his playing contribution as he supports the team in reaching its goals!” Head Coach Mike Clancy

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