AL’s Skate Shop Backing The Dragons

AL's Skate Shop Sponsor Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons

Renewed Partnership with AL’s Skate Shop

We are overjoyed to announce that the Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons ice hockey club has renewed its significant sponsorship agreement with AL’s Skate Shop, marking another fantastic chapter in this thriving partnership between two local stalwarts.

More Than Just a Retail Store: AL’s Integral Role

AL’s Skate Shop is more than just another retail store for us. It serves as an integral part of the Dragons’ team, acting as a lifeline that ensures the Dragons are always match-ready, providing the backbone of our operations and simplifying logistics. The convenience of having the skate shop on site is simply invaluable, and we are humbled by their continued dedication to our cause.

AL’s skate shop will not only be keeping the Dragon’s skates sharpened and ready to glide through the season, but they will also back the Dragons with any equipment repairs necessary throughout the season, ensuring that our players are not only ready to play but equipped to win.

Access to the Best: Quality Ice Hockey Equipment

Additionally, AL’s Skate Shop ensures that our Dragons always have access to the very best in ice hockey equipment. Never compromising on quality, AL’s offers a wide range of top-tier gear that meets our professional standards and empowers our team to perform their best on the ice.

One-Stop Destination for Ice Hockey Needs

From skates to sticks, helmets to padding, AL’s Skate Shop is a one-stop destination for all our ice hockey needs. The Dragons can always rely on AL’s to provide the right gear at the right time, a fact that lets them focus on what they do best – playing top-class ice hockey.

The significance of this kind of support in a sport as demanding as ice hockey is monumental. It assures the Dragons that they can always count on their equipment, leaving them free to concentrate on the upcoming challenges and fiercely contested matches.

The Winning Combination for an Exciting Season

This winning combination of dependable, high-quality gear from AL’s and the talent and dedication of the Dragons will ensure an exciting season ahead. Together, we’re more than just a team – we’re a force to be reckoned with. AL’s Skate Shop is our silent ally, making a loud impact on our performance.

The continuation of this partnership is a testament to AL’s Skate Shop’s unwavering commitment to the local community and the sport of ice hockey. The Dragons are proud and humbled by their support, which fuels our commitment to deliver exciting, quality hockey matches for our beloved fans.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to AL’s Skate Shop, not just for their sponsorship, but for their significant role within our team. As we take to the ice, we do so with the strength and support of an exceptional sponsor behind us. To AL’s Skate Shop – thank you for making this journey possible.

Get Your Hands on Top-Quality Gear

So, if you want to get your hands on the same top-quality gear that the Dragons trust, remember there’s only one choice – AL’s Skate Shop. Their unwavering dedication to quality and service is what makes them the best in the business. Just ask the Dragons!

Here’s to another thrilling season of ice hockey! Go Dragons!

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