The familiar chill of ice hockey season lingers in the air. The Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons are preparing to take to the rink once again, and with them comes a player whose name has been etched in the Dragons’ history for over 16 seasons – Marc Lovell. Wearing the coveted number 91, Marc is gearing up for what he has hinted could be his final run with the Dragons as a player. (But we have heard that before)

For over two decades, Marc has lived and breathed ice hockey. With a playing career spanning 23 years, the hockey rink has been his second home. His journey has been nothing short of remarkable. But it’s not just about the time he’s spent on the ice; it’s about his dedication, commitment, and the unwavering spirit he has shown throughout his journey.

After 16 seasons with the Deeside Dragons, Marc has proven himself to be more than just a player. As player-coach, he’s been a strategic mind, guiding the team to countless victories. His role is multidimensional: he’s a motivator and a player, embodying the true essence of leadership both on and off the ice.

Yet, his contribution to the Dragons transcends the physical and tactical aspects of the game. As a mentor, he’s shaping the future of the club, nurturing the young talents and stepping into the world of professional ice hockey. The “Lovell Legacy” is not only etched in the past and present of the Deeside Dragons but is also guiding its future.

There is an undeniable excitement as the new season approaches. Younger players, hungry to make their mark, are coming in. With Lovell, they have the perfect mentor. He represents the bridge between the rich legacy of the past and the vibrant promise of the future. His vast experience, matched with his passion for the game, provides the young guns with the guidance they need to hone their skills and make their mark.

In what could be his last season, (maybe) the narrative is far from being just about Lovell hanging up his skates. It’s about a player-coach who has dedicated more than two decades of his life to the sport, ready to pass the torch to the next generation. It’s about how Marc Lovell, #91, will leverage his “one more season” to ensure the Dragons continue to breathe fire.

So, as the anticipation for the new season builds, there’s more to look forward to than just the thrill of the games. The Deeside Dragons, with Marc Lovell, are ready for one more season. One more chapter in the storied history of the club. And one more chance for Marc to leave his indelible mark on the franchise he loves.

As fans, all we can do is watch, cheer, and appreciate the magic that is Marc Lovell, for we may not witness a saga like his for a very long time. Here’s to the Dragons. Here’s to ice hockey. And here’s to Marc Lovell – #91, for one more season.

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