Hawks 5 – 8 Dragons

Blackburn Hawks V Deeside Dragons:

Blackburn Hawks took on Deeside Dragons in a thrilling ice hockey match at the Blackburn Arena. The game started with both teams playing an attacking brand of hockey, but it was Blackburn Hawks who took the lead in the 6th minute with a goal from Jacob Lutwyche.

Deeside Dragons, however, did not give up and equalised in the 9th minute with a goal from Jared Dickinson. The Dragons’ celebration was short-lived, as Blackburn Hawks scored 30 seconds later with a goal from Matt Cross to regain the lead.

Blackburn Hawks then dominated the rest of the period and scored three more goals from Shudra, Davies and Grimes. The Dragons managed to pull one goal back with 40 seconds left in the period with #55 Ross Kennedy scoring with assists by #7 Alex Parry and #29 Andy McKinney the period ended with Blackburn Hawks leading by 5-2.

The second period started with Deeside Dragons coming out fired up, and they wasted no time in getting on the scoreboard, with #7 Alex Parry scoring a goal just 47 seconds into the period. Parry’s goal was assisted by #55 Ross Kennedy and #29 Andy McKinney. The Dragons continued their momentum, and just three minutes later, Andy McKinney scored a goal to make it 5-4, with another assist from Kennedy.

Blackburn Hawks were now under immense pressure from the Dragons, and six minutes later, #62 Dylan Webb on a 2-way from Cardiff Fire scored his first goal for the Dragons, levelling the score at 5-5. With 34.37 on the clock, James Parsons scored another goal for the Dragons, putting them in the lead for the first time in the game.

Just before the end of the second period, #7 Alex Parry scored his second goal of the game, making it 5-7 to the Dragons. The second period ended with the Dragons leading by two goals, after a remarkable comeback from being 5-2 down at the end of the first period.

The third period saw Blackburn Hawks trying to mount a comeback, but they were met with a solid defence from Deeside Dragons, with goalkeeper Matt Croyle having a brilliant game after starting in the second period. Croyle faced 32 shots in the final two periods and conceded no goals, even saving a penalty shot from Jacob Lutwyche.

Deeside Dragons increased their lead in the 57th minute after playing some excellent passing hockey to keep the puck and run down the clock. Matt Wainwright found an opening to score the goal, assisted by #29 Andy McKinney and #55 Ross Kennedy. After the restart, the Dragons once again played great passing hockey to run down the clock and take the win 5-8.

Unsurprisingly, Matt Croyle picked up the Most Valuable Player award for the Dragons, after his exceptional performance in goal. However, the Dragons’ performance in the second and third periods was a real team effort, with everyone working together to secure the win.

Blackburn Hawks will be disappointed with their second and 3rd-period performance, having let a four-goal lead slip away. However, they can take some positives from their dominant first period, where they showed their attacking prowess.

Overall, the game was a great display of ice hockey, with both teams putting in strong performances. Deeside Dragons’ comeback was the key to their victory, and their passing hockey in the third period was a real highlight.

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