Dragons quest for the final 4

This Saturday offers a thrilling and unmissable opportunity for you to witness the high-octane action of your Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons on their home turf at The Den. In a captivating two-game weekend series against their tough opponents, the Whitley Warriors, the Dragons are more determined than ever to seize their first victory against the Warriors this season. Your unwavering support and contagious enthusiasm are vital in fuelling the team’s spirit and fortitude as they strive for success on the ice.

The adrenaline-pumping weekend launches with the first match at The Den, where you can unite with fellow fans to create a dynamic and electrifying atmosphere that will embolden the Dragons. The excitement doesn’t end there, as the Dragons gear up for a challenging away game on Sunday, venturing into the Whitley Warriors’ territory at the Warriors’ Barn. A winning streak in both games is essential for the Dragons, as it will catapult them to Altringham the following weekend. There, they will face their ultimate test in the much-anticipated Final 4 Weekend Showdown, battling it out for the championship title.

Seize this unique opportunity to rally behind the Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons as they confront the Whitley Warriors in an awe-inspiring display of skill, speed, and teamwork. Make your presence felt at The Den on Saturday, and if you can, accompany the team to the Warriors’ Barn for the away game on Sunday. As fans, let’s come together to empower the Dragons in their pursuit of the Final 4 Weekend Showdown and make this unforgettable weekend a resounding success for the team and the entire community.

Be a part of the Dragons’ journey and share in the excitement, camaraderie, and spirit of victory as they face their rivals face to face. Your support and energy will make a difference in this crucial two-game weekend, so let’s join forces and cheer on the Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons to glory!

Next Up for the Dragons