Club Hub - All the info in one place

Welcome to the “Club Hub”, your all-inclusive gateway to the Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons Ice Hockey Club! As a dedicated fan or a curious newcomer, this is where you’ll find everything you need to keep up-to-date with our thrilling ice hockey season.

In this dynamic space, we’re bringing all the key elements of the Deeside Dragons experience right at your fingertips. Immerse yourself in detailed player profiles and insightful interviews that take you behind the scenes, providing a closer look at the exceptional talents wearing the Dragons’ colors. Get to know the players beyond their helmets, learning about their journey, achievements, and aspirations.

Stay ahead of the curve with our regular news updates, encompassing everything from team announcements and strategic insights, to heart-warming community stories. We’re here to provide comprehensive coverage of the Dragons, and what makes our club so special.

Dive deep into the statistics with our constantly updated league tables. Witness the thrill of the competition as we ascend the rankings, battling it out on the icy battleground, vying for dominance. Track our progress throughout the season, match by match, goal by goal.

Never miss a beat with our fixtures and match reports section. Plan ahead with our comprehensive schedule of matches, noting the dates of our most intense rivalries and must-watch games. Following each game, look out for our match reports, complete with highlights and analysis, ensuring you’re well informed about the Dragons’ performance.

We designed the Club Hub with our fans in mind, creating a hub that feeds your passion and keeps you connected with your favorite Ice Hockey team – the Deeside Dragons. Enjoy the wealth of information available and let’s cheer the Dragons on to victory together!

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