We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Charles Humphreys, our devoted and expert Equipment Manager, is returning for the forthcoming season with the Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons. This is fantastic news for the team, reflecting his extensive knowledge, skill-set, and unbridled passion for ice hockey.

Charles boasts a diverse portfolio of experience, having been an Equipment Manager for a variety of NIHL teams over the years. His expertise, however, extends far beyond the boundaries of the NIHL. He has served the national hockey cause, being instrumental in the organisation and logistics of the GB U18 Women’s team’s equipment. This tenure further enriched his already impressive repertoire, culminating in his graduation to the GB Senior Women’s team where he continues to work tirelessly. Charles’ work ethic and dedication are unrivalled, proving invaluable to these teams and setting the standard for all those who aspire to contribute to ice hockey in such crucial roles.

Last season, Charles was deservedly awarded the Dragons’ Unsung Hero, an accolade reserved for individuals who contribute significantly to the team’s success, often without the glitter and glamour of the spotlight. Many of Charles’ contributions often go unnoticed by fans and players alike, but they are the cogs that keep the machinery running smoothly. From ensuring all equipment is safe and ready for use, to maintaining stringent quality control and coordinating logistics, his responsibilities are vast and crucial.

His keen attention to detail, foresight, and ability to swiftly handle any equipment-related issues set him apart from his peers. He is the unseen force that bolsters our team, enabling the players to focus solely on their game without distractions or disruptions. We eagerly anticipate the upcoming season, knowing we have someone of Charles’ calibre steering our equipment management. His return is a testament to the heart and soul he invests into the Deeside Dragons, and we are truly privileged to have him onboard again. Here’s to another successful season with Charles Humphreys at the helm!

“I’m pleased to be back at the Den as Head Equipment Manager for another season. I would like thank the rest of management team for having me back, they did a fantastic job rebuilding the club! I feel like Deeside hasn’t been in a better position than we are now, and a lot of hard work has been done behind the scenes to make sure the lads are ready to hit the ice. I hope to see you all at the Den!” Charles Humphreys 

We are also excited to announce Rhys Stout as our newest assistant equipment manager for the upcoming season!

“Shaun [Bebbington, GM] mentioned the opportunity to become an assistant equipment manager for the Dragons a couple of weeks ago. Having being a supporter of the Dragons for many years now, it was a brilliant opportunity for me and one that I wanted to jump straight into. Being a part of a great group of lads and an amazing team is something that I will be so proud to say I am a part of. For me the role of assistant equipment manager is more than just making sure the lads have got the gloves on, for me it’s about taking that worry off the team and making sure they are able to perform to the best of their ability while knowing that someone is there to take care of whatever they need. It’s an absolute privilege and I’m looking forward to learning about what Charles does and be a part of a successful team this year!” Rhys Stout

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