NIHL North Div 1 23/24

NIHL Div 1 North 2023/24Dragons000000000000

Hold onto your seats, hockey fans! The electrifying 2023/24 season is about to ignite with the exhilarating return of none other than Ross Kennedy! This dynamo, who last season stunned us all with his astounding prowess as an offensive D-man, is coming back, this time redefined as an absolute, no-holds-barred forward!

Remember him as the Dragon’s top gunner in the 2022/23 season? You bet you do! Unleashing a whirlwind of energy on the ice, Ross is the epitome of power and agility, weaving through opponents with mesmerising movement that leaves us all breathless.

Gearing up to dominate the 2023/24 season, Ross Kennedy is all set to turn the ice rink into his personal stage, lighting up the hockey world once more! We’re betting on a spectacular display of talent, agility, and sheer drive that will make this season nothing short of a blockbuster event. Get ready, because the Ross Kennedy show is about to begin!

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