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Player Profile: James “Sniper” Parsons

A cornerstone of the Deeside Dragons and embodiment of the club’s ethos, Captain James “Sniper” Parsons is the heart and soul of this beloved ice hockey team. His dedication to the club is second to none, and his influence extends far beyond the rink. As the team’s captain and one of its longest-serving players, Parsons represents the Dragons’ vision both on and off the ice.

Parsons, known fondly to fans and teammates as “Sniper,” has spent most of his impressive hockey career in Deeside, building an intimate connection with the Dragons and the local community. He has become a fan favourite, not just for his skills on the ice but also for his character and commitment to the club. Sniper’s love for the game and the team resonates with each shift he takes, and his 100% dedication is evident every time he steps onto the ice.

Last season, despite an unfortunate injury cutting his campaign short, Parsons still recorded impressive numbers. He scored 16 goals and assisted on 20 others in just 26 games, a testament to his offensive prowess and ability to lead by example. The upcoming season is looking bright for Parsons, who is more than eager to return to the ice, and fans are excited to see their captain back in action.

Parsons’ passion for the Dragons doesn’t stop when he leaves the ice. His commitment to the future of the team and the sport in Deeside is unparalleled. When not playing for the Dragons, Sniper dedicates his time to nurturing the next generation of players through the Junior Deeside Dragons program. This commitment to the development of future talent exhibits the true spirit of the Dragons: the fostering of a community, a family that extends beyond the professional team, anchored in a shared love for the sport.

For Sniper, being a Dragon is not just about leading the team to victory but about nurturing a sustainable and positive future for the club. His journey in the world of ice hockey is woven intricely into the fabric of the Deeside Dragons. As he prepares for the new season, one thing is certain: Sniper’s return to the ice will be met with the cheer and anticipation of a fanbase that admires their captain as much for his skill as his dedication to the Dragons’ vision.

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