#13 Matt Wainwright Back In the Den

Signs Up for Another Season with Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons

Here at the Dragons’ Den! We are thrilled to announce the re-signing of our very own #13, Matt Wainwright, for another season of thrilling ice hockey action! This marks another exciting chapter in Matt’s ongoing journey with his home club, the Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons.

Notably, last season, Matt played in every single game, a feat matched only by Ross Kennedy. His unwavering commitment to the team, unquenchable passion for the game, and consistent performance have undoubtedly contributed to our club’s tenacity and resilience.

“I am excited to be back for another season for my home club,” Matt shared. “It was great to see the fans back at the den, with attendance growing and the passion back for the Dragons! Last year was tough for all involved, but we weathered the storm and got some great results along the way! This year we want to build on this and show what we are capable of with preseason and regular training, let’s see how far we can go!”

coach, Marc Lovell, has also expressed his elation about Matt’s return. “It’s great to have Wainy back for another year. He’s been a mainstay at Deeside for some years now and brings a lot of experience to the group. Last season he played every game throughout the season which shows his commitment to the group, he plays in all situations PP & PK and puts up good numbers points-wise which is a great asset to have from the defence. And I have no doubt we’ll get the same again from him.”

Matt’s versatility and dedication to our team, proven by his all-round performances in power plays (PP) and penalty kills (PK), combined with a formidable track record of scoring, have made him an indispensable part of our Dragons’ family. We cannot wait to see him back on the ice, pushing boundaries, and contributing to the team’s success in the forthcoming season.

Fans, let’s rally our support behind Matt and the entire team as they prepare for the upcoming season. It’s time to turn up the heat at the den and roar for the Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons!

Thank you for your continuous support. See you at the den, Dragons!

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